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Jul 27, 2017

Before you go for car rental in Dubai

car rental dubai
For one reason or another, you’ve all experienced the necessity of car rental in Dubai; the first step would be for you to go to a car rental company, and make sure you get the best deal!
EZ for car rental gives you the opportunity not only to get chauffeur driven services, short term renting and the golden chance to rent Mercedes c200, rent Mazda 6 and many other fancy vehicles; whenever you want to treat yourself simply like royalty, go rent Ferrari 488 in Dubai, or rent Audi Q5 in Dubai, EZ for car rental in Dubai is never too far.
Let’s go to a little before you went for car rental, and tell you about the 8 things you need to keep in mind before you for car rental:
1. Not permitted to be driven outside the UAE: the driver of the rented vehicle must not go beyond the borders of UAE.
2. Insurance policy: in case you go for car rental and lose the car or cause any damage to it, the insurance policy does not cover it.
3. Payments should be done in advance: you must pay for two things before you do car rental, first is the fee for car rental and second comes the security deposit for the car.
4. Licensed driver: the driver should possess a registered driving license that allows him to drive within the UAE and it could be an international driving license.
5. Age limit: the minimum age is 25 years.
6. Accident and breakdown policy: in case of any car crash that happens with the driver who decided to for car rental from EZ car rental in Dubai, they should keep in mind that the company should be notified in case the rented car had any defect from the start and in case of an accident the driver must notify the police along with the company because he will be paying for the repairing even if it weren’t to be his/her fault.
7. Fine policy: if the driver gets a ticket/traffic fine while driving the car, the company recovers the money from the deposit he had paid.
8. Company terms and conditions: if you are going to sign any paper/contract you need to read the text very carefully, this is a golden rule. The same rule works for any agreement, such as renting a car. After you go through the details around the car rental company, make sure you check the terms and conditions of car rental just to be on the safe side.



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