Oct 25, 2017

Handful tips for car sharers

Once we as a professional Car Rental Company in Dubai spotted those handful tips, we couldn’t but share them with you.

Tips for prospective car sharers:

For many renters and car owners, peer sharing is an attractive alternative that offers financial and global benefits. But, there is a lot to consider whether you're a renter or a provider.

• Understand the basics: Car sharing involves short-term rentals from an existing fleet, peer sharing is renting from individuals and ride sharing is car pooling.
• Whether renting or lending, be sure you're clear about all the fine print. This is a burgeoning industry and newcomers will have lots of questions.
• For owners, confirm that the sharing company provides detailed background checks on all renters. There have been reports of unscreened renters using phony IDs to steal cars. In addition, drivers should be screened for accident records, moving violations and distracted driving citations.
• GPS technology can confirm not only the miles logged on the car, but the locations visited as well, which can help settle disputes on both sides.
• Whether you own or you're renting, as a safety precaution make sure you're comfortable with where and when you conduct the transaction; some sharing programs will help facilitate this.
• Tax laws can vary from state to state, so it can pay to check with an accountant first—regardless of whether you're the user or the owner.
• In some cases, the sharing may be facilitated by keyless technologies such as DriveBox or RideLink that allow renters to access vehicles.
• Think long and hard about insurance coverage—it's made or break for this industry.
• Don't be afraid to walk away from a transaction.

We hope that you enjoyed this read, stay tuned for more to come about Car Leasing Dubai and cars driving in general. Don’t forget to drop by our Car Rental Company in Dubai to get more about our latest Car Rental Services in Dubai.



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