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Nov 21, 2017

Who invented the first sports car?

sports car
Stories may differ, contradict one another or support each others’ arguments and all the debatable historical facts about who did truly invent the first sports car.
Nevertheless, as a professional Car Rental Company in UAE that offers you all the exquisite Car Rental in UAE, we are well-aware of the love that all of you sports car lovers have for this sort of rough engine, therefore we brought you a little piece of historical information regarding the inventor of the first sports car.
By definition, a sports car is a racing vehicle, with only two seats, a rough engine and a low body. There is more than one option which could be eligible for being named as the first invented sports car in history.
Rennzweier is one the earliest examples, which was produced in 1900 by a German company named Tartra. The Rennzweier was one of the first cars which were designed for racing. This car had a low body, it was powered by a modified Benz engine and it was capable of getting to 50 mph and that was considered as a blistering speed at the time.
At the mean time, there were two American automakers (Henry Ford and Alexander Winston) who were preparing vehicles for a big race in 1901. Both cars were low, speedy and could gain the title of the first sports cars.
However, it goes without saying that some people argued that these vehicles could not be considered as sports cars, for they were never meant to reach the mass production stage. In 1901, Wilhelm Maybach and Paul Daimler introduced the Mercedes 35 hp which represented an impressive achievement compared to previous car designs. This car became a leading racing machine, for it possessed both: the reliability and the powerful engine.
Some might also say that the first sports car was actually manufactured by the American Motor Car Company, where in 1907 in collaboration with Harry Stutz they developed the sports car, in which the chassis was designed in a way that the body was located right below the axles instead of being on top of them.
This car had the real “sporty” appearance, but its producing company did not make it but, it did give a source of inspiration for the creation of the legendary Stutz Bearcat and the Mercer Raceabout.
From American we move back to Europe, where in 1910 two famous sports vehicles (the prince Henry Vauxhall and the Austro-Daimler Prinz-Heinrich-Wagen) were made for the royal race back at the time. 
Theories collide and the origin of the first sports car might never be specified. However, all inventions led to the most impressive machinery and innovations in the history of automotive. 





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